there was a body. you said it was erica. she’s not dead.



Who the fuck cares if teenage girls want to stick a rhinestone on their forehead at a music festival like you guys are pathetic get angry about something that actually matters for once

it’s funny when it’s not your culture being turned into a fashion accessory devoid of it’s cultural importance and meaning when your culture is full of cheese whiz and extreme couponing witcho pale ass


when you aren’t quick enough to screenshot an embarrassing snapchat of your friend 



When did you last hang out with Amanda Seyfried?

When I was in LA at the end of last year (2013), I was cruising around with Amanda in her car singing musicals at the top of our lungs.



i could listen to most irish people talking for hours on end

i mean not at the same time or anything that would be terrifying but you know

[voices of 3 million irish people]

T O P   O   T H E   M O R N I N’   T O   Y A

2x20 “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad” Episode Stills (x)


olenna tyrell: killing a man at a wedding? that’s horrid! what sort of monster would do such a thing? *looks at the camera like she’s on the office*